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Embrace 2012

Written on January 9th, 2012
by Michelle in my life


Here it is!  This is my vision board from Rosie Molinary’s VisionSPARK workshop at Triple Play Farm in Davidson, NC.

I’m usually a little skeptical of things like this because, with the wrong instructor, these kinds of retreats can easily turn into a hippie-dippie-woo-woo fest, and fast.  But I had no such fear for this workshop, because I have known Rosie for a while and she has deep substance.  Sure, creating a vision involves using some words that might not be part of your every day vernacular, like “whole-hearted” and “intentionality”. But when Rosie uses words like that, it’s because they are the right words for the job.

Every participant completed a short playbook before we met and Rosie used our answers to help us find a word for the year.  I went in thinking my word was “book” because  I want to finish writing my book this year even though I KEEP throwing road blocks in my own way.  But I left with the word “embrace”.  Huh.  It became very clear to me in talking with Rosie and the other women there, that my obstacles had nothing to do with the actual book, and everything to do with fear.  My vision for 2012 is to have a year where I embrace new experiences, my own voice, and the gifts I have to bring the world.  (That’s another Rosie-ism.  We ALL have a gift.  Don’t get hung up worrying about peripheral things.  Just get busy bringing your gifts to the world.)

Anyway, seeing the problem is half the battle, maybe more. I made my board Friday, and today, in an epiphany, landed on the perfect new writing direction, a title, and a complete outline.

Rosie is having another VisionSPARK workshop this Saturday.  For information, click here.


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  • Ashley Icard

    title??? do tell!

    • Anonymous

      OK, but no one more than you will appreciate that this title needs to be graphically enhanced which I can’t do here. So imagine the first line is the main title printed in large, bold print. The second line is the subtitle. The third is written in much smaller font, maybe italicized.

      How To Survive and Thrive in Middle School

      A Mom’s Guide to Helping Your Kid Deal With Erratic Mood Swings, Mean Criticism, Social Hierarchies, Peer Pressure, Bad Hair Days, and Much More!

      Written especially for moms like you who don’t have time to read a book like this.

      • http://twitter.com/rosiemolinary Rosie Molinary

        Oh, I love it. I didn’t ask when I read because I thought maybe you weren’t ready but you were and you know what? It’s awesome!

        • Michelle

          Thank you, Rosie!! That put a HUGE smile on my face.

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