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Parents Meet Up

moms_coffee“My sweet baby is driving me crazy!”

“Is this normal?”

“What do I do now?”

I often hear from moms and dads who need a little advice, want to connect with other parents, or just want to make sure they’re not off track. I love that!

That’s why I started Parents Meet Up: a great time to discuss your concerns and questions about your middle school tween and get others’ perspectives and feedback.

Parents Meet Up is an hour long drop-in at my office, scheduled twice a month, for moms and dads like us.

Here are the kinds of things we can discuss at a Meet Up:

Should I make my older daughter tell me all her technology passwords or has she earned the right to privacy?
What do I do when my son battles back on everything I say?
Is Instagram safe?
When are girls old enough to walk around the mall alone?
How can I help my son make more friends at a new school without seeming pushy?
YOUR questions here!

Join me and other fun parents to share ideas, laugh, learn, and leave feeling refreshed and empowered. More dates to come. Check back often and follow me on Facebook for updates.

“My daughter is doing better and appears to be spending more time with the positive girls. By simply taking the static out of our conversations (with your help), she seems to be making better choices on her own. ” – Parents Meet Up participant


Due to a very busy upcoming spring and summer with my book launch, conferences and camps, Parents Meet Up is on hiatus until Fall 2014. Thank you for your patience!